Verve Streetlevel

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Streetlevel combines the sweetness of golden marmalade with lightly roasted pecans. Bright acidity akin to a fresh red apple makes this cup pop. Pourover, espresso, or you brew is up to you.

  • Bean Details

    Various Producers


    Colombia, Honduras


    Antioquia, Santa Bárbara






    1600 - 2100 Meters


    February - September


    Red Apple, Marmalade, Molasses

  • Farmlevel Story


    This year’s first-semester Streetlevel Espresso is a dynamic blend of coffees from two impressive growing regions; Colombia’s Antioquia department, and the inimitable Santa Barbara region of Honduras.

    From deep in the Southern reaches of Colombia’s Antioquia department in the mountains of Santa Bárbara, south of Medellín, this farm, Loma Verde, has an altitude between 1700 and 1800 MASL. The perfect combination of warm days and cold nights provide the ideal climate for the slow but constant development of this coffee from the Echavarría family. Not only do we love the citric acidities and bright stone fruit flavors typical of these coffees, but we’re immensely proud to support a family dedicated to providing technical support and access to markets to a region formerly known for production of illicit drugs.

    Tasked with balancing-out the Colombian top-notes and giving this year’s first-semester Streetlevel depth, are a selection of lots from Peña Blanca’s Beneficio San Vicente. This selection features coffees produced by small-holder farmers scattered about the fog-shrouded slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain and we couldn’t be more excited to extend our Honduran project-work to our flagship espresso blend.

  • Preparation Recommendations

    Streetlevel Espresso works perfectly as your everyday espresso or as a brewed coffee. This version we have been liking pulled fast and medium in output.

    DOSE: 19.7-20 grams in

    TIME: 25-27 seconds

    YIELD: 29-30.5 grams out