About Us

Image Coffee | Origin Story

Image coffee started out with the goal of being as good as the major coffee chains, mostly just to save some money by making it a home. Little did we realize this was the start of our journey into the wonderful world of what coffee is truly capable of.

Our first espresso machine was (no joke) a Mr. Coffee espresso machine and a Mr. Coffee blade grinder. We bought our beans from grocery stores and some of the larger coffee shops in our area. This was well before we knew what small batch roasting or grind consistency was, much less its importance in a great cup of coffee.

Soon after that, we upgraded to our DeLonghi machines and a Bodum bistro grinder. Without getting too technical, these machines use a pressurized portafilter, which results in above average coffee at best but never anything spectacular. However, during this stage we honed in some our technical skills in steaming and started our research into the importance of beans and a good grinder. We also started realizing, with all the arrogance a new “barista” can muster, that with the right technique, equipment, and most importantly, coffee beans, we could make a coffee that, dare I say, surpasses that of the major coffee chains.

Our next machine was the Breville 840XL with matching Breville Smart Grinder. This was our first non-pressurized espresso machine and this is where we really focused on the quality and sourcing of the coffee we use. We started looking into local small batch roasters for both advice, expertise, and of course their coffee.

Now we are using a Nuova Simonelli Oscar II and Baratza 270w and the Baratza 270. We still have a ways to go but we have learned so much in this journey already and we have enjoyed every aspect of learning and growing in our coffee knowledge. Now we work to make sure the base cup of coffee at its core is good without anything, then the rest is up to you to make it how you like it.


The name Image coffee comes from the truth that EVERYONE, no matter your race, creed, gender, or ethnicity, is a human being created in the image of God. Every single person is created unique and diverse. When we come together, we see are able to see something amazing; unity in distinction. This unity embraces the uniqueness of creation and reveals a knowledge of God far more profound than any one person could achieve. As we look around and see the beauty, complexity, and intricacy of our world there can be no doubt of its design. Every aspect of creation, from coffee beans and mountain scapes to oceans and skylines, it all points us back to the image of the Creator.