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This is our scale that we use ourselves an recommend for weighting our espresso shots. It's simple, fast, and accurate. 

Small but mighty:

This is Scale is small enough to tuck under your portafilter but still Accurate between 1000g and 0.1g. It has a timer function as well so you can time and weigh your shots very easily.


One of our complaints about the higher end scales is how complicated they can get when you just want your coffee but not quite wanting to just wing it. The higher end scales definitely have their place in the coffee world but for quick and easy nothing beats this scale.

This scale has only 4 buttons:

  • Timer: Press once to start the timer, press again to stop, press a third time to reset so you're ready for your next shot 
  • Mode: Click mode to change from grams to oz. Hold the mode button to calibrate the scale
  • Tare: Press this to tare the scale with your shot glass or portafilter.
  • On/Off: Unsurprisingly this turns the scale off or on. it does have an auto-off feature if there is no activity for 300s so you don't run down the batteries.


The lid can detach for a larger weighing area, best used with the portafilter.

its small and the lid offers protection, perfect for tossing in a backpack for some coffee on the go. (great to use with the Flair Pro 2)

Even though we use this primarily for coffee, it is just a scale so weigh anything around, weigh ingredients for cooking, mail for shipping, or random things to settle bets with friends.

The LCD is large, backlit, and easy to read in most every environment, great for making coffee in the morning before you have your glasses on ;).