Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups

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Picasso Your Pour

Meet Monty, a sleek double wall ceramic cup for beautiful espresso drinks. The hidden parabolic slope lifts crema to the top without disruption for perfect latte art.

  • Double Wall Ceramic ‚Äì Keeps your coffee hotter, longer. And because triple seemed a little overboard.
  • Latte Art Fluid Dynamics ‚Äì A hidden parabolic slope helps you Picasso your pour by lifting crema to the top without disruption.
  • Stackability ‚Äì Easy storage, 11 oz and 6.5 oz stack together, and 4.5 oz and 3.0 oz stack together.
  • Sleek Metal Bottom ‚Ä쬆For keeping up with the Joneses.
  • Dishwasher Safe
    11 oz (Latte)
    6.5 oz (Cappuccino)
    4.5 oz (Cortado)
    3.0 oz Set of two (Demitasses)