Elektra T1 Sixties Deliziosa Commercial HX Espresso Machine

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Elektra T1 Sixties Deliziosa 1 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

The Elektra T1 Sixties espresso machine is a top choice among discerning cafe owners, and for good reason. Despite its small frame, this machine packs a powerful punch with its standout feature – an impressive 5.5 liter boiler that is seamlessly integrated into its compact design. The machine’s unique construction allows it to take up minimal space in even the busiest commercial settings, making it a popular choice among cafe owners. Additionally, the Elektra T1 Sixties is an excellent option for home use thanks to its compact size and powerful performance. Whether you’re a professional barista or a coffee enthusiast, the Elektra T1 Sixties is sure to impress with its exceptional functionality and impressive design.

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This is the new version of the Elektra T1

It does not have a pressurestat to regulate the boiler pressure which is directly proportional to the temperature of the boiler and water in the heat exchanger. This espresso machine has an additional probe in the steam boiler. This probe connects to an electronic controller which regulates the boiler steam pressure. It also will save the heating element from damage from a lack of water in the machine’s boiler.  For example, the water company shuts off the water supply due to a water main break.

Other new features on the T1!

This machine is so new that we still have not learned all the programmability of this newly designed machine. Shown below, the touchpad with a K has a series of lights. These lights in program mode can indicate which menu the machine is in. The black electronic control box that has a single series of lights exemplifies the particular setting the machine is in for the particular menu on the touchpad. We will post more here as we learn the different features.

Night Cycle Programming!

The Elektra T1 has a programming feature that can record the top of the hour. With this program, you can also program the top of the hour for the machine to go into Night Cycle (reduced energy usage) and to wake up in the morning (on the hour) to full power. This avoids the need for a separate timer which blasts full power to the machine’s circuitry upon startup.

One can steam milk at the same time as making espresso for large parties

This machine’s high wattage heating element is desired to heat the boiler quickly for quick recovery and temperature stability. The Sixties Series even generates a lot of heat to keep those cups nice and toasty on top – you may want to place this machine with an open overhead area. With a direct water line connection, you never have to worry about filling any water tank, but you do have to remember to recharge the water softener and change the water filter.

More Features:

  • Beautiful Ultra-polished stainless steel finish.
  • Incorporated motor and positive (rotary vane) displacement pump with vibration-damping fastening.
  • Double electronic level control system monitors the water level in the boiler to make sure heating element is submerged in water.
  • The patented heat exchange system is accessible above the boiler for easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Filter on the grouphead removed any large contaminants that may have passed through a broken filter on the water line.
  • The multi-directional steam wand allows movement of steam wand in many different directions.
  • The steam valve and water valve have pivotal lever controls.
  • Dual-acting, high-precision gauge shows both pump pressure and boiler pressure.
  • Heating element with safety thermostat for additional protection.
  • NEW wood handle on portafilter and steam/hot water joystick controls.
  • Accessories: 1-cup and 2 -cup filter baskets, single spout portafilter, double spout portafilter, instruction manual, and stainless steel braided hose for direct water connection.