Be Bright City on a Hill | 12oz

Be Bright City on a Hill | 12oz

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Our signature dark roast highlights the robust and bold side of coffees by extending the roast to bring out more caramelized sugars, molasses and dark chocolate flavors. Our darkest roast will be sure to satisfy all bold coffee drinkers.

Flavor notes of Molasses, Dark Chocolate & Roasted Peanuts


In approaching our darkest roast, we look for coffees that can take on the heat to highlight the darker and more robust side of coffees. Our Colombia Heriberto and Brazil Lua Roxa are coffees that fit that criteria; coffees that can take extra development of roast without yielding flavors that are overly ashy or rancid.

Enjoy it black, if that's your thing, or enjoy it with a splash of cream or milk. This coffee will serve as a great canvas for your perfect taste preference. This is the kind of cup that will help you wake right up and if you're starting your day with this coffee, might as well shine bright like a City on a Hill. Your radiance cannot be hidden, so drink on!