Ascaso Steel Duo PLUS PID Espresso Machine

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Presenting the all-new Ascaso DUO PLUS Espresso Machine: the ultimate compact dynamo meticulously designed for homes, offices, and those seeking exceptional coffee. Evolving from the much-loved Ascaso DUO, this upgraded marvel not only retains its predecessor's excellence but surpasses expectations with an array of advanced features and enhanced functionalities. Anticipated eagerly by passionate Ascaso aficionados and discerning baristas, this machine is a game-changer.

Notably, the Ascaso DUO PLUS boasts unparalleled advancements: independent temperature control for both the brew and steam thermoblock, pre-infusion capabilities, power-saving modes, and customizable single or double-shot programming. Elevating the espresso experience, its most acclaimed feature remains unmatched – the ability to simultaneously steam milk and pull shots, a standout advantage that sets it apart in the market.

New Enhanced Features for Elevated Performance:

  • Joystick Steam Wand Lever (Walnut-Made): Experience greater control and steam power for your frothing needs, adding finesse to your barista skills.
  • Competition Shower Screen: Ensures precise and even extractions, refining the quality of every espresso shot.
  • Wire Grid Drip Tray: Enhances cleanliness and maintenance, facilitating efficient water drainage for a spotless workspace. Removable.
  • Improved Stainless Steel Tamper: Elevates tamping precision, contributing to the perfect espresso extraction.
  • Two Steam Tips: Provides flexibility to cater to diverse frothing requirements; 1 & 3 holes.
  • Hot Water Tap: Crafted from stainless steel to ensure longevity, enabling precise regulation of water temperature for an array of beverages such as Americanos, tea, and cocoa, and conveniently pre-heating cups to perfection.
  • Food-Grade Silicone Filter Holder Gasket: Ensures a secure and hygienic seal between the portafilter and group head, maintaining cleanliness and preventing any unwanted flavors or residues from affecting your espresso.

Carried-Over Features for Exceptional Espresso:

  • Electronic Group Temperature Control: Digitally displayed PID temperature control adjustable in one-degree increments, guaranteeing precision in brewing.
  • Adjustable OPV (Over-Pressure Valve): Maintains optimal brewing pressure, ensuring consistently velvety and delightful espresso shots.
  • Volumetric Programmable Settings: Offers preinfusion, single shot, double shot, and auto-standby, ensuring consistently high-quality espresso with ease.
  • Active Cup Warmer: Helps preserve the temperature, flavors, and overall quality of the espresso.

Quality Build & Warranties:

  • 12-Month Warranty: Covers defects due to faulty workmanship and materials for twelve months from the purchase date for domestic use.
  • 5-Year Warranty for Thermoblock Boilers and Groups: Assures reliability and functionality for five years from the purchase date for domestic use.
  • Steel DUO PID Body: Crafted in powder-coated carbon steel and polished stainless steel, combining durability with aesthetic appeal.
  • 58mm Professional Portafilters: Featuring a real walnut wood handle, designed ergonomically to complement any space.
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Thermoblock Group: Guarantees continuous, unlimited steam with minimal energy consumption and enhanced stability.
  • Limescale Prevention: Stainless steel thermoblock prevents limescale buildup, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Freshwater System: Ensures top-notch quality in every espresso shot by drawing fresh water each time.
  • Food-Safe Construction: AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit ensures water purity without any metal migration.

    Professional Baskets and Compliments

    • Each Steel DUO PLUS includes 5 professional baskets; 7g,14g,18g, 21g, and 1 blind. 1 stainless steel tamper. 2 portafilters with walnut handles; double & bottomless, 2 steam tips; single & 3 holes, and 1 coffee scoop.

    Discover the pinnacle of innovation, where brewing excellence meets unparalleled convenience – the Ascaso DUO PLUS Espresso Machine redefines the art of coffee-making, catering to the needs of passionate coffee enthusiasts and professionals with its groundbreaking features and superior performance.




    10.5 inches


    12.5 inches/ 17 inches with the portafilter


    15 inches





    Plug Type NEMA 5-20, Requires a 20 amp circuit - adaptor included
    Cord Length 50"


    PID, Pre-infusion, Shot Time

    Case Material


    Boiler Material

    Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum

    Cup Clearance

    3 inches

    Reservoir Size

    48 ounces

    Solenoid Valve


    Cup Warmer


    Portafilter Size


    Available Portafilters

    Bottomless, E.S.E Pods, Pressurized and Non-Pressurized

    Warm-Up: Brew Time


    Boiler Design

    Thermoblock Dual Boiler

    Pod Friendly

    Yes - without adaptation

    Water Sources

    Reservoir/Internal Tank

    Auto Shut Off


    Auto On






    Water Reservoir Material Polycarbonate NSF and FDA approved for food purpose
    Flexible Tube Material Silicone
    Flowmeter Body Material PBT (Arnite) 35%GF NSF compliant

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