Unity Luis Duran | 12oz

Unity Luis Duran | 12oz

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Finca La Pradera • Washed Typica, Tabi, & Caturra • Tolima, Colombia

At a 2019 producer’s summit in Tolima, Colombia, we met with ASOPAP, a Fair Trade Organic cooperative, and discussed a long-time dream of ours: to identify high-scoring microlots, separate them from the main lot, & pay those producers more.

This is our second year in the program. This microlot comes from Don Luis Duran and his son Edilson, who is one of the main administrators of ASOPAP. In addition to a date-driven mission to improve their coffee, the two enjoy keeping bees and spending time with family.

We Taste: Cherry Cola Aromatics, Pecan Pie Sweetness, Red Delicious Apple Acidity